Nutty Squirrel Films

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A little bit about us...

Nutty Squirrel Films is a new Creative Production Company launched in early 2011.

We specialise in film production, marketing and PR, with business experience across a wide range of sectors including media, publishing, communications and sales.

This experience, combined with our creative and technical skills, enable us to create, design and manage your project from drawing board to delivery.


Taking on challenging productions with an ever-expanding team of freelancers and resident film makers we tailor each team to suit each project offering the best and most experienced crew, many of which are award winning.


Using state-of-the-art equipment, we hope to show that films should push the boundaries,  captivate audiences and leave a mark on the film industry.


Based in Somerset although we work with film makers nationally and always looking for new locations to explore and capture in our films.

Layan Nourouz


"You were very professional and helpful but didn't bring any doughnuts..."

- George Riddell

Photographer Hamlet theatre tour

"Layan is hardworking, reliable, professional who has mastared the art of multi-tasking. In all of my dealings with her she has shown a high level of commitment to projects she is involoved in and will always go that extra mile. A friendly approachable individual with whom I am always happy to work alongside.

- Lynn Thomas Actress, SA on Horizon web series 

"Crazy, mad woman, af incredible talent. Can't imagine my life without Layan in it."

- Jacci Cawte Mark county catering, Fim catering service

"Efficient, fun and down to Earth, in fact I still think I owe you for the sandwiches ..."

- Ian Patrick

Freelance writer and director 

  •  premiered at BAFTA
    premiered at BAFTA
  • 'The Levels' Cast & Crew
    'The Levels' Cast & Crew
  • Winter Wonderland Fashion Show
    Winter Wonderland Fashion Show

Testimonials ....

"Layan is an absolute pleasure and delight to have onset, Layan is a key member of any team and I would work with and hire her on any of my future projects. A true confident, talented and hard working team player. A production will only benifit from Layan being part of the talented team."
- Clare Pearce 
Producer Lost Eye Films

"Layan is a total professional, would highly recommend and is always fun to work with."

- Paul Pibs Davis 

Camera operator Phoenix crew and production

"Total professional, a positive can-do attitude, fits seamlessly into any team. Would highly recommend to everyone."

- Suzanne Davis

Producer The Wall of Lyon